Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday, 2nd July

'Jolie Brise'
'Jolie Bris' agin
Look at this for rigging!
Harbour Master's workhorse

This morning has been very enjoyable. With no specific aims I let the day evolve. After breakfast I hung out the wet items to dry, then chatted to whoever was passing by, but one vessel was rather special, the ‘Jolie Brise’, which now belongs to a trust with links to a school in Wiltshire. She came alongside the fuel pontoon early in the morning and was the last to be refuelled before the barge was towed away to be refilled. The Harbour Master’s workhorse did this very efficiently at the top of the tide when all was quiet and there was virtually a calm. After her return at the Visitors’ Pontoon, vessel after vessel came alongside for refuelling.

There may be a classic yacht rally being held at Falmouth because there are many old sailing boats at anchor here. My ‘Ladybird’ is a classic, since she was built in the early seventies. I must say the yachting folk here are very friendly; each acknowledging the other, irrespective of the type or size of yacht they sail. We are all subject to the same on-the-water rules and all of us come under the providence of God in the way He controls the sea and the wind. Seamen have a saying that the sea is a great leveller, and there is truth in it. There’s no room for boasting or pride, only a humble acceptance that we move on the water by the grace of God.

This evening I’m looking forward to a meal with friends; the lady of the house is a first-class cook and loves entertaining, so I know I shall have a great time with them.

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