Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wednesday, 7th July

The Beach Today
Kingsbridge Ferry
Town ferry

There’s a big contrast between the weather yesterday and that of today. yesterday was sunny and bright, today is overcast and dull; in fact for much of the time there has been drizzle since early morning. None of this has greatly affected activities on the water; the Merlins are continuing with their championship racing, fishing boats come and go, sail training vessels such as the ‘Clipper Training’ yacht and the Plymouth Sailing School yacht continue their activities. The Kingsbridge Ferry and the Town Ferry are in action with a few hardy souls trying to enjoy themselves - I even saw one chap at the bow of the Kingsbridge ferry with only a shirt to protect his upper body from the drizzle and cold wind. Meanwhile, a small group of people were on the nearby beach playing cricket, while an equally small bunch of girls were swimming!

I’ve been living the life of a hermit, sealed below in the cosy cabin of ‘Ladybird’, but not without a gainful activity of reading, ‘Heavenly Help’, by Octavius Winslow. I can always to do with God’s help under all circumstances, but reading this book is encouraging in the way a Christian can walk with purpose in this present life while preparing for his future life. In between reading I have taken note of happenings on the water, of which I have to be aware; for example is the yacht dragging her anchor? At times I would think she was because of the rasping sound of the chain when the wind and tide push and pummel ‘Ladybird’ in their competition of being the dominant force. The wind usually wins, except during lulls.

The weather markedly affects what happens during a yacht cruise; for example, I had high hopes of continuing to Dartmouth, but God had a different schedule. I note that Simon Renton who is attempting to sail around Britain in his Wayfarer dinghy has wisely remained here at Salcombe. A Force 6 headwind is not conducive to a successful outcome. Maybe tomorrow will be better for both of us?

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