Wednesday, June 02, 2010



Yesterday’s forecast for rain was accurate. For most of the afternoon and into the evening the drizzle came down. Somehow that fine misty rain gets into everything. I’m glad I did not go to the boat, because there would have been little to do, other than rest below, whereas at home I was put to good use by looking after my grandchildren.

The forecast for today, Thursday and Friday looks promising, with increasing sunshine as the week progresses. The Met Office surface pressure chart shows a 1020 millibar high pressure area slap over the UK at mid-day and it starts moving away to the northeast on Friday. The winds are likely to be light, being mainly generated by diurnal convection; in other words, sea breezes during daylight hours, and possibly the reverse at night.

After stowing the remaining gear and provisions, I’ll need to make a decision whether to set sail today. Bye for now.


BBC Weather Forecast

Surface Pressure Chart

Wind Observation Charts

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