Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday, 18th June


Coat of Arms, Customs House
Sir HenryEdwards M.P. complete with pigeon
TS Pelican

Weymouth is a fascinating seaside resort. I love the architecture which is full of variety and the town has many interesting buildings. The beach is a golden stretch of sand. Today I used my camera freely, taking snaps of anything that caught my attention.

The photos above are typical of the objects that I felt were worthy of being captured for storage on my computer.

My hope is that I’ll be able to put to sea early tomorrow morning and make my way in the dark to Portland Bill to be there at the right time for taking the ebb across Lyme Bay, i.e., get underway at 0230 and be at the Bill by 0400 when it should just be getting light. One of the possible pitfalls of this strategy is becoming snarled on a the float of a crab pot. They are impossible to see in the dark, and even during daylight hours they can lurk just below the surface, since they are pulled under the water by the fast current.

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