Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday, 28th June

Udder Rock Buoy
Junk Yacht

I had a good night at Barn Pool and woke up refreshed for yet another day of sailing. Initially I was undecided what to do, but the forecast wind and predicted tide were right for sailing to Fowey. At the start there was no wind and it wasn’t until 1100, after three hours under power, that the wind came in from the south. This was ideal for reaching along the coast due west from Rame Head. The ebb was in our favour, and although it was light, we made good progress. By 1330 the picturesque town of Polperro was to our north, about a mile and a half away. Beyond, in a westerly direction was the Udder Rock buoy. I guess the underwater obstruction to the north resembles inverted udders! I didn’t want to milk them, so I headed the yacht to the south cardinal buoy itself. Meanwhile yachts were coming and going, all of them faster than ‘Ladybird’, but this meant I had opportunities for studying those that came close enough for me to see some of the details. I particularly liked a large junk schooner. She was a schooner, because her aft mast was slightly taller than her forward one.

Off the entrance of the Fowey river the wind piped up and there was a light shower which had me donning my oilskin bottoms, because there were a gathering of dark clouds, but I needn’t have bothered; within ten minutes or so the sky brightened. I took in the mainsail and entered Fowey Harbour under the foresail. As I approached the first lot of moorings I started my faithful Honda 2.3. Slowly passing through the moorings I found one that looked appropriate. Now I’m expecting the Harbour Master to arrive in his launch and extract the appropriate fee for the night. He could well ask me to move to another mooring. The boat is rolling a bit, as the wind is against the ebb. At least, I should be rocked to sleep tonight, as in a cradle.

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