Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday, 25th June

Start Point
Prawle Point

Today has been pretty near perfect. First thing this morning I took the dinghy to the floating pontoon for water and to dispose of rubbish. I also bought butter and apple juice. Things worked out nicely to have the anchor up at 1015 and to be away for the ebb towards Start Point, seven nautical miles, roughly on a course of 220 degrees compass. Three tacks brought us to Start, where the wind petered out. The tide swished ‘Ladybird’ around the rocks at 5 knots. From there on it was an engine job to Salcombe. Prawle Point always looks a bit forbidding, even on a fine day, but there was reassurance because the flag was flying at the Coastguard lookout. I found the nicest place to anchor at Salcombe off a small sandy beach across the river from the public jetty. The Harbour Master charged me £5.40 for the night, and he gave me two tokens for the showers at the Yacht Club. Maybe I looked as though I could do with a good wash?


Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Bill
Im just catching up with your blog right now. I fell a bit behind: This is because I am currently on work expirience with Dad. The days are fairly long so I dont get alot of time in the evenings. Im on my lunch break now.

The weather must be great for you. Its a bit too hot here in the office though. Is there alot of wind despite the heat?

I am enjoying looking at all the pictures you are posting. When you get back I will need to look at the many more I am sure you have

Well I must get back on now. Enjoy and God Bless.

William Serjeant said...

Yes, thanks Joshua. There are many more photos. I'm really appreciating the camera, espcecially the visual record of the cruise. I'll be able to examine them at my leisure.