Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday 4th June

I woke up to another lovely morning and got underway at 0550. There was hardly a whisper of wind. By 0900 ‘Ladybird’ was abeam of the Hook Spit buoy at the entrance to the Gore Channel en route for Margate. Apart from looking into the sun, visibility was good which meant I could easily pick out the landmarks such as the water tower, south of SE Margate buoy. From there I counted 5 ships at anchor in Margate Road.

The tide was in my favour all day; first with the ebb along the north Kent coast, then the flood going south from North Foreland. I originally planned to put into Ramsgate, but as the flood was on the move towards Dover I took advantage of it by going close inshore along Kent east coast.

On the approach to the eastern entrance of Dover Harbour I observed two ferries going in and one coming out. Two yachts arrived before me; then I was slightly held up when a ferry had to enter the Harbour. By using the VHF I was able to arrange a berth in the Tidal Harbour, but it worked out at £20 for the night!

After having a marvellous shower in the Marina facilities, I felt like a new man. Then I took a short walk to the BP garage where I bought 10 litres of unleaded petrol which will give ‘Ladybird’ a range of 30 miles in calm conditions.

I’m not sure whether to press on tomorrow, because the tide is not great for an early start, which means the beginning would be slow going. That decision will be left until I wake on Saturday. Bye for now.

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