Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday, 11th June


Well, we made it to Cowes, at the Isle of Wight. Getting out of Chichester was a bit slow because of the incoming tide were it accelerates through the narrows at Eastoke Beacon. With a light wind from astern and the engine running at over half throttle our speed was 1.4 knots. Once clear by the seaward mark of West Pole, the tide was in our favour for heading to the Horse Sand Fort which marks the southern point of the approach to Portsmouth. At the Fort a huge freighter came by at enormous speed, causing a horrendous wash that forced me to turn the yacht directly into it to avoid being swamped.

There was a lot of activity between Ryde and Portsmouth. In addition to a Frigate there were two car ferries, a hovercraft and a high speed catamaran, plus a fleet of racing yachts. On the approach to Cowes things quieted down and I was able to prepare 'Ladybird’ for entering the Marina. I normally make two bow lines ready and keep a stern line to hand; I also tie fenders on either side. The procedure is to come alongside the pontoon and take the bow and stern lines with me. If the wind is from astern I cleat the stern line first and visa versa.

There was bags of space at the Yacht Haven, but next Saturday the Around the Island Race will take place; then the pontoons will be full.

As I’m likely to be moving on tomorrow, I want to have a look at the town this evening, so I’ll sign off now.

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