Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday, 24th June


Most of today has been devoted to obtaining a filler cap for the Honda 2.3 outboard to replace the one lost at sea. I rowed the dinghy to the Upper Ferry slipway where I left the dinghy tied to a stake at the high-water mark. If I wanted to lose weight I could not have found a better way than climbing the steep gradient of the A 379 to the hamlet of Hillhead at 155 metres above sea level. There I made use of a convenient bench seat to have lunch before climbing a little more to Lupton Park; from there it was downhill Galmpton.

Tonto Marine had the cap waiting for the princely sum of £10.90 - a real bargain. The return to the slipway was just as dangerous as the outward journey, because of the very many cars that were speeding recklessly along the narrow road.

Back at the boat I tucked into a ‘Mr. Kipling, exceedingly good cake‘. Tonight I dined out with very good friends at Dartmouth.

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