Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday, 27th June

Calstock railway bridge - view while having breakfast this morning

Saturday’s Blog could not be posted because there was no reception at Calstock; however, I was able to do it this evening from the anchorage at Barnpool, off Mount Edgcumbe, where I am tonight. I left the mooring at Calstock, just after 1800. For the first part of River I had to use the engine to make over the last of the flood tide. A mile or so down the River a small branch wrapped itself around the tiller and the end of the bough was caught in the propeller, but I was able to free it without much hassle.

For the most part of the day I was with my friend at his house. We were able to watch the England/German football, but left for the boat before the game finished. The ship’s radio confirmed the result I was expecting, which is history - England were rubbish, despite their disallowed goal.

As I work on this at 2300 I’m undecided what I’ll do tomorrow, but I should really buy petrol, so perhaps I’ll spend the day at Plymouth.

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