Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday, 15th June

Tripper boat
Sloop, 'Merry May'
'Ageas', the Motor Yacht

The NE wind is too strong today for sailing to Weymouth. A gale force 8 is predicted for a period of time. However, the sun is shining and by evening there’s a forecast for cloud and a continuing strong wind. Maybe tomorrow the wind will ease?

The bonus to all this that I have plenty of time for relaxing and enjoying everything around me. To the north there’s Brownsea Island; to the northwest there’s Furzey Island; to the west there’s Green Island, and to the south there’s Goathorn Point. All of these places are wooded. Sadly, all of them are private, but at least they have a measure of protection for conserving the status quo, which includes the wildlife.

The channels between the islands are well buoyed, or they have starboard hand and port hand marker beacons.

This morning, not long before lunch, a motor yacht by the name of ‘Ageas’ arrived on the scene and let go her anchor to windward of ‘Merry May’, a smart modern sloop. ‘Ageas’s’ skipper had not given himself room for letting out plenty of chain and as a consequence his vessel drifted towards the anchored yacht. ‘Merry May’s’ captain persuaded the owner of the motor yacht to anchor elsewhere, so he promptly moved to a spot near ‘Ladybird’! The motor yacht’s skipper had not realized that my yacht could swing over the spot where he had set his anchor. When he twigged on to this fact, I could see that he was concerned, but I think he didn’t want to ask his wife to set the anchor for a third time. This meant the two boats were only yards apart, but to my relief, the motor yacht moved away after her crew had eaten their lunch.

Later in the afternoon, a brightly painted yellow tripper boat with the name ’Maid of Poole’ twice cruised around the Islands for her passengers to see them, and to hear a running commentary of the history of Poole Harbour.

I wonder how long I shall be port-bound? Not that I’m bored, but I shall have to put into a marina so that I can get ashore to shop for food. This is not desperate, because I only require things like: bananas, apples, cakes etc. Marinas are not my favourite places, but at them I can have a shower, get rid of rubbish, replenish the fresh water and when it’s time to do the laundering, I can make use of the facility.

This part of Poole Harbour is very beautiful, particularly the effect of the sunlight on the waves and the clouds. There is little incentive to leave the tranquillity.

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