Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pottering - Part 16

I would like to be back on the boat, but the winds forecast until Wednesday at the earliest are contrary, and far too strong; meanwhile it is sensible to have a break.

Time ashore cannot be wasted; therefore, I find myself being carried along with family happenings - events scheduled in advance of which I have unexpectedly entered into because of being present.

These have brought their rewards; today, for example, along with my wife, I have been looking after three great grandchildren. They slept at our place overnight, and today they have accompanied us wherever we have gone.

At the garden centre they enjoyed playing with toys provided for children to occupy them while their guardians, parents or otherwise, peruse and select produce for sale.

I supervised the boys while my wife found what she wanted - a boot load of compost, potted flowers and plants.

The day flew by, and before we knew it, our charges were being handed back to their parents.

One thing remained on my mind, the unfinished cruise towards the West. 


Bursledon Blogger said...

Coming west? Bill if you're coming to the Solent area and need any help let me know, email me (link on Burs Blog) and I'll send you my mobile phone number Max

William Serjeant said...


The aim is to work my way to the Solent, assuming the winds will eventually cooperate; so many thanks for your kind offer. I'm hoping I shall not need help, but I would like to meet up if possible.

Thanks again,