Monday, May 06, 2013

Pottering - Part 11

Monday, 6th May 1300 the Dover fog began to dissipate, and an hour later it lifted entirely, revealing the chalk cliffs adjacent to the Marina.

Mid morning, this bank holiday, I walked along the Harbour esplanade on my way to the CO-OP. I passed a memorial in memory of comrades who fell during the Indian campaigns of 1857, 1858 and 1859. It was erected by the 1st Battalion 60th Royal Rifles on August 1861.

At that time there was an uprising against British rule in India, and there was an unlikely coalition of Hindus and Muslims linked to the mutiny of the Bengal Army. The uprising was quelled, not exactly crushed, and it never spread to Southern India as the rebels hoped for self-rule and independence.

Back at the boat, I worked on a passage plan for tomorrow, when the weather forecasters predict the wind will come from the East, which will be the ticket for the long passage to Sovereign Yacht Harbour.

I'm hoping the sea fog will not return.

This afternoon I enjoyed a walk to Dover Castle, but I had no desire to pay for entry. Instead of dutifully learning of the Castle's history I returned to the town and treated myself to a Magnum Classic - probably better value for money and more satisfying to take in than viewing the Castle.

The late afternoon sunshine has done wonders to help heal my 'sailor's thumb'. This is a common affliction reserved for part-time sailors who sit at home and do little physical work with their hands. Two or three days working the boat opens the skin on the inside of both thumbs. The result is painful because handling rope, things like sheets, mooring lines and anchor cables, inevitably results in the wounds being opened.


Josh said...

Hi Uncle Bill
I am enjoying reading your blog, it looks like you are having a splendid time! From the pictures it looks like you have been to some lovely places. I hope the weather is fine for you today. I look forward to reading more.
God bless. Joshua.

William Serjeant said...

If you have read the latest post you will know that I shall be having a short break at home, until the wind turns favourable. Perhaps I'll see you on Sunday at church.
Uncle Bill.