Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pottering - Part 26

Last night I discovered the Honda 2hp outboard was in need of attention. I could only get it to work at tick-over speed; anything more and it did not want to know. Increasing the throttle would cause it to stall.

The engine is essential for this cruise where distances between ports or anchorages can be 40 miles or more. Without the engine I would not have been able to complete the Dover to Eastbourne leg within the hours of daylight.

I'm not averse to sailing at night; in fact, there can be advantages. Winds are generally steadier than during the day, and identification of lights by their characteristics help the navigator to plot his position with some degree of certainty. On the other hand, I am not a night creature; I much prefer the sun to the moon. 

I let Andy Toogood of BMS have the engine, and he told me to collect it around 16.00. That left me free to take the number 8 bus to Newport, the central hub of the Isle of Wight. There I called into Morrison's and M & S.

I observed that most of the Island is farmland - arable, and land set aside for grazing. Beside major roads there is a lot of residential property. Near and at seaside resorts there are many hotels and B & Bs.

I collected the engine. Andy gave me his word that it would work as it should. He advised me to obtain a filtered funnel to avoid having the carburettor blocked in future. I did as he said, and I wondered why I had not bought one before.

If the wind allows me sail tomorrow morning I will, but to where, I shall not decide until shortly before getting underway.


Unknown said...

Hi Bill,

Any idea where you will be on Friday? I have some time available and was thinking of heading to the South Coast though probably not the Island - that adds another few hours. It would be great to catch up.



William Serjeant said...

I want to put into Keyhaven, but my old boat 'Faith', may be in Newton Creek, tonight, and if she is there, tomorrow, Thursdsy, 23rd I would like to meet Jim who owns her. So I am still hopeful I'll reach Keyhaven by Friday PM. Much will depend on the wind. I've heard there will be a strong NW tomorrow.