Monday, May 13, 2013

Pottering – Part 18

Great Grandchildren at Play

Recent arrival Great Grandson
In another four days my cruise with ‘Sandpiper’ will enter its fourth week, and yet I have only sailed on six days of seventeen. Times ashore have been good - even this interlude at home while I await fair winds. I had intended returning to the boat tomorrow, but for most of the Tuesday there will be heavy rain, and it’s not much fun sitting in the confines of ‘Sandpiper’s’ cabin. I shall definitely make my way back to Sovereign Yacht Harbour on Wednesday, because there could be a chance that I may be able to sail to Newhaven or Brighton on Thursday.

Newly cut lawn
One of the benefits of being away from the boat is that my hands are healing. I can feel my fingertips and they are no longer painful when I do things like buttoning my shirt. At one time, when they were at their worst, I could hardly pull the zip of my anorak! I can’t remember having such sore hands because of sailing. They have been sore before because of sailing, but not as painful.

River Crouch, looking towards the Fambridge moorings
Essex Countryside
The photos are of things seen while away from the boat recuperating and while attending to those things I normally do when at home.

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