Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Trying to Blog by iPhone

This is my first attempt at posting an entry to my Blog by iPhone. When I was testing 'Sandpiper' On the River Crouch I could not gain access to Blogger because a new, more advanced system recently introduced with extra features was not compatible with my very basic mini EEEPC.

If I can post up-to-date entries from my iPhone I shall be very pleased. When I am cruising the boat they will take the form of notes giving basic facts of where I am, what I am doing, and what I plan to do. My family and friends will be able to follow my progress, and any reader who cares to log on.

No doubt there will be limits as to what I can publish via the iPhone. For a starter the virtual keyboard is so small that I can only type with my index finger, unlike a full size keyboard when I can touch-type using all my fingers and thumbs.

I shall have a go at uploading a photo. Being able to illustrate the Blog with photos via my iPhone will be a great asset.


Steve Carey said...

Well done Bill. Great little picture as well. I have a bigger newer Asus Eee PC in the form of a 1015PC with a 10" screen. It has Windows 7 on it. I have been able to post to my own blog. However, when I get sailing again, I like the idea of investing in an iPad. It will do that and email and navigation and just about everything. Steve

Paul Mullings said...

There will no holding you back Bill ;-)

William Serjeant said...


I looked at the latest iPad and I was very impressed with the speed at which it works and the picture quality, but the price put me off getting one.

I shall delete your second identical comment.