Monday, July 23, 2012

'Ladybird' on the Crouch

Fabulous weather for boating on the Crouch, and it was my good fortune to be invited for a sail by the owner of 'Ladybird', a 19' Sea Wych that once belonged to me. She was, and indeed is a charming little family day sailer. I used to call her my mistress because she bewitched me with her loveliness. We had a lot of fun together and many adventures, but the time came when I could no longer afford her, as can be the case with a mistress, so I'm led to believe. We had to part and she was sold to the highest bidder.

Today we were reacquainted, and what a pleasure it was to see her. Her new master has invested his time and money by improving her. The impressive entrance to the cabin is something to behold. Made from solid oak panelling that once graced a kitchen cabinet; the washboards would not be out of place on a finely crafted Dutch Botter. A thief trying to gain entrance would have a very hard job of it. Unknown to him he would have to smash his way through an inner panel made of very thick aluminium. To make his task even more challenging he would have to disable a huge security log that is also alarmed.

Potential thieves, do not try. If you were to succeed you might find a note inside the cabin to the effect that you have been had, for there is nothing of any great value aboard.

Everything was perfect for a great sail. We didn't go far, but the quality of the experience could hardly have been better. In turn our hats were blown into the water, giving us practice at picking up a man overboard. At the start we managed to hook the mooring buoy's line on the rudder! Anchoring practice went to plan. We nestled close by the south bank out of the wind and ate lunch.

Another sail seaward; practice at heaving to, and a fetch back to 'Ladybird's' Rice Cole mooring completed our adventure.

A good time was had by all.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Bill - happened to meet "Faith" yesterday while I was out and about in Chi Harbour (she was heading up to Bosham, and the chap sailing her mentioned he was looking for a quiet overnight mooring)... am I right in assuming it wasn't you??

William Serjeant said...


I would liked to have been sailing 'Faith'; instead, I was aboard the next best thing, my little 'C' Type West Wight Potter.