Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Proper Keyboard for iPone? Part 2

I mentioned in the ‘Comments’ section of yesterday’s post that, “I’m a sucker for punishment.” Perhaps I should have more rightly said, “I’m a GLUTTON for punishment!”

From the opening remarks you may gather that the quest for a suitable Bluetooth keyboard continues, along with my frustration caused by not succeeding at pairing one with my iPhone 3Gs. This morning I thought Providence was on my side when Maplin willingly refunded cash for the Cerulian keyboard. Overjoyed with getting my money back, I immediately went next door to the Comet store and negotiated a fantastic deal for a Logitech Tablet keyboard.

Feeling chuffed; I went home and set about pairing the newly acquired keyboard to my iPhone. Yet again I had no joy; instead I was disappointed. There were no instructions in the box as to how the pairing should be done - only a web address printed on the inside of the box. This yielded zilch, whereupon I was left to search for instructions how to do it.

I can only conclude that there must be something wrong with my iPhone’s Bluetooth gizmo, and I am almost resigned to accepting that I shall not be able to pair it wirelessly with any keyboard, but there is a faint glimmer of hope, because the guy at Comet said that if I could not do it he would try. However, despite my usual optimism, pessimism weighs heavily in the balance.

Shall I suffer more self-inflicted torment? I hope so, to satisfy my lust for masochism, and for the good cause of my Blog.

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