Sunday, July 22, 2012

At Burnham

OK I made it at last. The time is 1830. 'Sandpiper' was successfully launched ten minutes before high water. Having made the boat fast to her pontoon I went for a walk beside the river.

Being a Sunday there were many people enjoying the beautiful weather. There was a cooling southerly breeze coming off the water. I've never seen so many dogs having walkies, doing their whatnots, sniffing here and there; mums and dads with their kids, all licking ice creams; yachties leaning over balconies downing cool drinks, and on the river yachts sporting full sail.

For the first time this year I felt I was on holiday. I'm relaxed looking forward to tomorrow when I'm hoping to meet the owner of 'Ladynbird' for a sail aboard my old 'mistress'. She will seem positively huge by comparison with my West Wight Potter.

Well, I'm hoping I'll have a good night's sleep. I shall make myself comfortable by wearing pyjamas, which is a luxury, as I usually turn in on the boat dressed, to be ready for any emergency that may turn up. This is a precaution when anchoring off for the night.

I hope there will not be one tonight, because I'll be caught with no pants on!


Steve Carey said...

It really does look nice there. Sunday was the best day for weeks, maybe months! I hope you have a good sail on your old mistress and also Sandpiper too.

William Serjeant said...

Thanks Steve,

I had three good days, one of which I sailed aboard 'Ladybird', my old Sea Wych 19.