Monday, May 23, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 96

Masking tape on upper surfaces

Painting the boat’s interior was straightforward, but rather longwinded. First, I had to mask all of the upper surfaces that will be coated with epoxy when the decks are being joined to the hull. There were no complications, except I had to avoid leaving drips when I was painting underneath the sheer strakes and central supports for the deck panels.


I used International Pre-Kote which is an excellent undercoat suitable for one part finishes. The upper coat will be a warm off-white International Toplac, which I shall also have for the hull exterior. I may varnish her decks. I hesitate, because varnish takes more maintenance than paint, and exposes the wood to sunlight. Varnish also absorbs the suns rays, unlike a light coloured paint that reflects them.

750 ml of paint!

I was surprised that a 750 millilitre tin of paint was just enough to do the interior, excluding the underneath surfaces of the decks. I have yet to paint them.

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