Monday, May 16, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 90

This morning I thought I would have a look at a folding seat and a set of seat cushions at my local chandlers. On inspection they were not suitable. The folding seat was far too heavy, and the seat cushions were only water resistant. Continuing my hunt for a suitable seat I went to a scrap yard in the hope that I might see a Poly Seat, which is the sort recommended for the boat, but I could not find one. I have a feeling that I might get one at Ebay.

My hunt for seats would appear to have been unproductive, but I saw a couple of chairs in the window of second-hand furniture shop that may be suitable. Had the shop been open I would have made an enquiry regarding the price.

After lunch I levelled the block that will support the jam cleat for the keel system, and I fitted both inspection hatches into the deck panels.

There really isn’t anything more to do within the hull, except make mounts for the seat.

Considering the option of fixing the rubbing strips from the inside or from the outside, the latter would be the easiest and most sensible method.

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