Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 103

Foredecks almost finished.

The final deck panel is in place. I spent time sanding the decks, finishing the hole for the mast and making the coamings which are laminated with inner and outer 4 mm pieces of plywood. When I get hold of a small quantity of epoxy I shall be able to fit them. Meanwhile I can screw them to the decks.

Trimmed mast hole, but a collar has to be made for keeping water out

Before I paint the hull I must attach two central rubbing strips to the bottom of the boat, one in front of the keel box and the other behind it. I’ll need to shorten the boom and yard to match the sail; then I’ll be able to varnish the spars.

Testing the fit of the inner pieces of the coamings

I may make a trolley for the boat as per Derek Munnion’s plan. The trolley can also be used for transporting the keel weights, but I must first explore possibilities of having ‘Sharpy’ on her trailer, complete with her keel which would make it easy to launch.

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