Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 78

Forward and aft starboard lifting plates/brackets

Lifting plates/brackets attached to chine stringer

Quite a bit of progress was made today, despite interruptions. I made four lifting plates/brackets for rope handles. These will pass through holes in the side decks so that they can be tied to the plates/brackets to form loops for lifting the boat. There will be two loops (rope handles) on each side of the boat located fore and aft of the longitudinal point of balance. I think they will be very useful for when the boat is being launched and for drawing her alongside a pontoon. A small horizontal fender could be deployed between them when she’s berthed at a jetty, quay or pontoon.

Aft panels ready for shaping of the cockpit

After making and attaching the lifting plates/brackets I cut out the aft deck panels. I’ll try doing the foredeck panels tomorrow – assuming I can find time. All of the interior, apart from the seat and its supports has now been completed and it is ready for painting.

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