Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 92

Side bins' panels

Very shortly I shall hope to finish fixing the seat to the hull in such a way that it can be removed relatively easily so that I can replace it if necessary, and so that I can have access to the area under it for maintenance. Part of the process entails making side bins which will help secure the seat, but more importantly the upright sides of the bins, one on either side of the seat, will stop me sliding off it when the boat is heeling.

I shall make good use of the bins for storing small items such as my lunch, Thermos, sun hat, suncream etc.

Positions of side bins

This afternoon I made the sides for the bins from recycled iroko and plywood. There are a few colour blemishes on the iroko, but they won’t be seen. More than likely I shall paint the bins, rather than varnish them.

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