Saturday, May 28, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 100

Masking tape removed prior to epoxying deck panels to the hull

Aft deck panels in place

This afternoon I epoxied the aft deck panels to the hull. Before doing so, I prepared the surfaces to be bonded by sandpapering and scoring them. I also laid newspaper under the panels to catch any drips. Obviously, I couldn’t do that to the transom floatation chamber, because it has been totally sealed, and it will remain that way, unless for some reason it has to be opened.

When the deck panels were in place, I removed a few dribbles of epoxy, both from the inside and outside of the side panels. Getting rid of epoxy dribbles before they harden is always better than waiting until they solidify, because more effort is required to file and sandpaper them away.

If I have enough epoxy to put the forward deck panels on, I may be able to do them tomorrow afternoon.

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