Friday, May 20, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 94

Bin sides fitting nicely

As expected, I helped with laying the lawn at my daughter’s place, which left me with the afternoon for boatbuilding. A lovely warm afternoon was conducive to epoxying the side bin panels. After trimming them it was comparatively easy to install them, first by securing their ends with screws to adjacent bulkheads and frames, then by infilling with epoxy. While I was epoxying I filled a few seams around the keel box.

That was it. There’s only a couple of small things to do before I start painting the interior and under the deck panels. I need to make two small wooden cleats for lines that will be used for securing the steering line pulleys. That will enable me to perfectly adjust the position of each pulley so that the steering lines pass through holes in the central frame and deck supports pieces without rubbing against their sides.

I had the good news that my lateen sail is ready for collection.

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