Thursday, May 05, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 79

Working on the shape

It seemed that the day would never arrive when I would be shaping the decks, but that became a reality today. I had a bit of a battle, but I won in the end. I had planned to get all the deck panels from one sheet of 8’ x 4’ plywood, but I discovered that the final foredeck panel would not quite fit. I could have added a tiny piece, and by the time it was painted or varnished, it would not have been noticed, but there was more than enough plywood for a complete panel from another piece. My problem was making every seam join, and this required endless adjustments with the plane and sanding board.

Ready for cutting the cockpit

At the end of the afternoon I was a little tired; however, I was triumphant with my success.

I shall not be able to trim the edges at the gunwales until the decks have been epoxied to their respective side panels and central support beams. Before I fix the decks to the hull I’ll need to make a special attachment for the keel haul line and four pads under the decks where rope handles will exit the hull.

My next job will be cutting out the shape of the cockpit; then I shall need to add small blocks of wood along the inner edges for supporting the coamings.

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