Friday, May 13, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 86

Attaching the rudder was pretty straightforward. I had to make sure the pintles and gudgeons were lined up, and that they were in the right places on the transom for the bottom of the rudder stock to be above the waterline.

Because I am using a set of standard, small dinghy rudder fittings instead of the stainless steel ones shown on the plans, I have had to be very careful not to interfere with the lifting rudder by screwing screws into the space where the rudder is supported on a spindle. I managed that by shortening the retaining screws in that area. In fact, the screws are hardly necessary, because the fittings are set into grooves cut into the rudder stock, and I have also epoxied them to the wood.

The fittings adjoining the transom will require four small mahogany wedges to further strengthen the bond between them and the transom, as well as provide larger areas of support for the gudgeon and pintle. I had thought it necessary to bolt them to the transom, but now I am quite satisfied that they will be more than adequately retained, each by four screws and epoxy.

I have only to do a few small things to finish the rudder stock. In fact, apart from finalizing the seating arrangement and attaching the central rubbing strips, I’m ready to paint the interior of the hull. I shall need to make and fit to the underside of the decks four small blocks through which the lifting handle ropes will pass; then I shall be ready for epoxying the decks to the hull.

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