Tuesday, March 23, 2010

‘Tyrol’, a Shortened Scout Kayak

'Tyrol' under sail. Note the fixed plank across the cockpit. The sails were made from parachute material.

On the River Tone

Also on the River Tone

At the age of 13 I built my very first boat, a Shortened Scout Kayak. The plans were obtained from the Boy Scouts organization. As far as I can remember, the decked canoe was about 11' long and 2' 6" wide.

My little nephew

I first had to attach six frames to a keelson; then fit the sheer planks either side of the frames. The stem and stern posts were shaped and screwed to the keelson and the sheer planks. Laths were laid over the framework and the boat was covered with canvas. Linseed oil was brushed into the canvas as a preservative. Finally the boat was given three coats of oil paint. External rubbing strips were added to her bottom, and wooden laths were screwed along the sheer to seal the deck and hull canvas.
My canoe was rigged with three sails and she was equipped with a screw-on keel and a fixed rudder. I sailed and paddled her on the River Tone, the River Exe and the River Avon. I also sailed her at Plymouth.

River Avon

In 1947 the Taunton Canoe Club held a successful cruise and camp at Starcross. We paddled to Teignmouth via Dawlish Warren. Our canoes were transported by steam train from Taunton to Starcross and from Teignmouth to Taunton.

Taunton Station

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