Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunny Distractions

Yesterday the weather was blissfully sunny, so markedly uncharacteristic of what has been the norm over the past two or three months. Forecasters tell us that this winter has been the wettest since 1914/15.

Now, just as the sun uniquely shone on Sunday, I found myself indoors – at church in the morning and at a Salvation Army hall in the afternoon, but at both venues another brighter sun shone. In church there were therapeutic rays of spiritual light, and at the hall there were party lights and the sound of children’s laughter, but that was not all ……………..

Twenty-four children at a birthday party, all aged about seven, can make an awful lot of noise; add to that the party leader’s ear-splitting continuous banter, you have what sounds like a jumbo jet on take off.  Put fingers in your ears, and you can see the kids are having a fantastic time. If that’s not sunshine for mums and dads, what is?

I came away knowing I had been pleasantly distracted from the gloom of winter.


Wettest ever winter

Waterworld: Britain’s wettest winter on record

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