Saturday, February 08, 2014

Fresh Water for ‘Minnow’

At 20 degrees Celsius, 1 litre of water approximately weighs 1 kilogram. I can store five 2.27 litre canisters of water in the starboard hand bilge locker. Each one when full will weighs about 2.27 kilograms, giving a total of 11.35 kilos which can be treated as ballast.

I also have a canister that contained 3 litres of concentrated Comfort, a fabric conditioner for use in washing machines. If I can totally eliminate traces of the liquid, including its smell, I shall be able to keep water in it for my daily needs. Being able to dispense water easily without spilling it is essential; therefore I intend incorporating a small hand pump into the lid by inserting it through a hole. I may have to drill a small hole through the rim of the lid to act as a valve to allow air to replace water that is drawn out. The canister fits perfectly into the port hand side bin, but I’ll have to devise a retainer for keeping it in place.

Making a hot cuppa should be straightforward. First, set the boat sailing under the Autohelm.  Then, light the gimballed stove with a gas taper; pump sufficient water into the kettle and place the kettle on the stove. As soon as the water boils, pour it onto a teabag in a mug while holding the latter by the left hand. Return the kettle to the stove – then turn it off. Remove the teabag and put it in the waste bag which is in the starboard bin. Reach into the lazarette for milk, and pour a little into the mug; stow the carton; find a teaspoon and stir the tea. Clean the spoon before returning it to the utensil container.

All of these things can be done while seated, because everything is within reach.


3 Litre Carton of Concentrated Comfort (My container is different in shape to the one illustrated)

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