Friday, February 28, 2014

An Umbrella for ‘Minnow’

Today there has been non-stop rain, and the thought occurred to me that ‘Minnow’ could do with an umbrella. I remember seeing one on ‘Little Jim’, Al Law’s Paradox. When we sailed in company to the Scilly Isles there was a mixed bag of weather, including rain. One day we experienced storm force winds, and as a precautionary measure, Al removed ‘Little Jim’s’ mast before the onslaught.

An umbrella under those circumstances wouldn’t have stood a chance, but for times when it is raining and the wind is not too strong, an umbrella can be a useful accoutrement, particularly when the boat is at anchor or she is beached. With a brolly rigged over the hatchway, the hatch can be left open, and the crew can sit on the seat without bumping his head.

If I have a criticism of ‘Paradox’, it is not being able to stand or move freely within her cabin when the hatch is closed. This is especially irksome if one has to remain below for hours at a time on account of rain. An umbrella over the hatchway can make a lot of difference.

Finally, an umbrella is not unlike a parasol, and if the sun is baking hot, an umbrella can provide shade for the crew.

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