Monday, February 03, 2014

Odds and Ends for ‘Minnow’

The yuloh may work. I shall only know when I give it a go. To help keep it in place on the support pin I may have to loop a bungee over it.  I’m hoping this will not be necessary. To protect the blade when the yuloh is secured to the side deck, I’ve padded the stowage rack with leather.

In addition to the anchor bridle already attached to the bow on the starboard side, I’ve given ‘Minnow’ a port-hand bow line. To go with them, I shall have to find a stern line and two springs for when docking the boat

I already have a length of rope that will be suitable as a warp for the kedge anchor.

In theory I shall only set the tiny kedge anchor for short stops in shallow water, or when beaching to deploy as a second anchor.  ‘Minnow’s’ much larger bower anchor will be better for anchoring overnight, and when conditions require it.

I’ll be stowing bulk drinking water in plastic milk cartons in the starboard bilge locker. Tinned and packed foods will be kept in adjacent lockers.

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