Saturday, February 22, 2014

‘Minnow’s’ Ground Tackle Locker

The floor of ‘Minnow’s’ ground tackle locker deserves some protection from water that will inevitably end up there. When hauling in anchors I shall try to catch most water that comes up with the cable by flaking the cable into a bucket or a waterproof container, where I’ll leave it for while. A fair amount of water will find its way to the bottom of the bucket or waterproof container, and if I want to stow the anchor and its cable in the ground tackle locker, I shall be able to do so without much water ending up there.

I don’t want water running through the limber holes to other parts of the boat, and to help prevent that happening, I could put sponges on both sides of the locker. Periodically, I could wring them over the side of the boat.

Today I painted the floor of the ground tackle locker with a coat of International Pre-Kote. One or two more coats should be sufficient to prevent water from soaking into the plywood floor.

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