Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Yacht Racing Image of the Year

One of the competition photos

I would like to draw your attention to a treat. You will appreciate it if you enjoy photography and yachting.

The 5th World Yacht Racing Forum and Yacht Racing Design and Technology Symposium will take place at Gothenburg, Sweden, between 11th and 12th December. Mirabaud and Cie, private bankers, are sponsoring the annual photographic competition open to professional photographers, among them, there will Thierry Martinez who won last year’s competition. This year he has a sizzler of Bertrand de Broc racing his IMOCA 60 in rough seas. This is a fantastic photo full of action, grey foaming waves and a rocket-propelled dart-shaped yacht leaping from one crest to another. The beautiful photograph is definitely my favourite, and now I have it as wallpaper for the screen of my laptop.

Members of the public are invited to vote for their favourite image by opening this link* where they can select a photo of their choice. Twenty-four of the most popular ones will be printed and displayed at the Forum.

Delegates from the World Yacht Racing Forum and Yacht Racing Design and Technology Symposium will make a shortlist of five of the photos. An independent jury will then vote for the one they believe to be best. Among the jurors there will be Ben Ainslie, quadruple Olympic gold medallist, and Shirley Robertson, double Olympic gold medallist and broadcaster.

The winner will be announced on 12thDecember, the second day of the Forum.
*World Yacht Racing Forum - Yacht Racing Image of the Year
Yacht Racing Image of the Year (My favourite)
 World Yacht Racing Forum – Home Page
Thierry Martinez
Bertrand de Broc


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Definitely this one.... just superb...


William Serjeant said...


That is certainly a great photo. It looks a bit like an oil painting. You could well be right by picking it as the winner.

They all could be winners. I have a collection of them for future wallpapers.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I thought that too... either he was using filters, or he's processed it, but the contrast between sky and water is just fantastic... as it happens I have it for my wallpaper at the moment too..! I managed to find a larger copy of it by Googling his name......

I shall watch for the winner with interest.. but as you say - they're all very good!