Thursday, December 13, 2012

12.12.2012 Jack Frost etc

Yesterday was the twelfth of the twelfth, twenty twelve, and my phone and Internet connection were down. They still are, but I’m able to get online via my T-Mobile dongle, which I highly recommend to anyone wanting a mobile connection.

 Wednesday morning was crispy white, indicative of a visit by Jack Frost. Of special interest to me were the heavily encrusted cobwebs decorating the garden pergola. There was no sign of the long legged creatures that spun them; in fact, I doubt any of them would have survived the freezing temperature.

The best place for me under those conditions was to remain indoors. I would transform the space where the old stove had been into a cupboard for my wife’s cookbooks. I would have to add a door and make a shelf.

Because I had to buy a plain white door, I couldn’t avoid stepping out into the cold and scraping ice off the windscreen of the car.

Homebase didn’t have anything suitable, but I found a plain door at Wickes. It was too long; therefore I would cut a strip off the bottom.  Back at home all went well and when I had finished, the door perfectly fitted. Later that evening I noticed it was binding on the one above. This came about because heat from the central heating boiler caused the door to expand.

Today I raised the upper door to be clear of the lower one. I also made a shelf for the new cupboard and attached a towel rail to the workbench by the kitchen door.


Jack Frost





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