Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pottering - Part 63

Getting into Restronguet Creek an hour-and-a-half before high water went well. Only a short distance from Point Quay did the centreplate touch. I had to lift the rudder and steer with the outboard.

My friend turned up on time at 19.00 and we loaded the canoe onto his car. Five minutes later we were drinking coffee at his home.

The evening meal at a local restaurant with my friend and his wife was excellent, being well cooked and well presented. We had a great time together.

Back at the boat I adjusted the lines for a 3 metre drop of water. Only once during the night did I have to check them to make sure they were not too taught. I was rewarded with a moonlight scene.

On a rising tide this morning I readjusted the lines. When the water was high enough for putting 'Sandpiper' on my friend's friend's mooring I cast off and started the outboard.

I'm writing this at mid-day on a First Great Western train going to Paddington Station. From there I shall travel by Underground to Liverpool Street Station, where I shall board a train bound to my home town. The whole journey will take the best part of a day.

Tomorrow, I am hoping I shall be 
driving the car with the boat trailer in tow, en route to Point with the purpose of retrieving 'Sandpiper' on the evening tide.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I've enjoyed this journey - but not as much, I think, as you have... were you not tempted to sail her back?? :o)

Unknown said...

Really enjoyed your blog it is a remarkable effort and not without its dangers, very inspiring. i'm sure thousands of people have read your accounts of your pottering but do not comment.
Best wishes Michael said...

Hi Bill,

I guess you have mixed feelings coming to the end of your voyage but probably glad to be home too. I expect you'll have to clean Sandpiper's hull as she's been in the water a while (for a Potter).

What are your next plans for her? I hope to catch up with you and Sandpiper during the summer as I need some pointers for restoring my D Type. I'm still aiming to launch her by the end of the summer - hopefully in Fishguard where my mother came from.

All the best,


William Serjeant said...

Unlike the last time I sailed to Falmouth and back with 'Ladybird', I feel I've had enough excitement. Getting to Falmouth was a challenge I enjoyed. There were some difficult times.


William Serjeant said...

Thanks Michael for your kind words. You are right about the dangers. I think I pushed the Potter to her limits on a couple of occasions.

William Serjeant said...

Ian, Before setting out I coated the underwater parts with anti fouling, but it may not have been effective. I'll know when she comes out of the water.

My plans are to sail 'Sandpiper' on my local waters; I.e., the River Crouch and nearby rivers.


Unknown said...

Hi Bill I recently sailed to Guernsey and France onboard a lovely Bavaria 30 with my friend. On the way out we were involved in looking for a man overboard in Wembury bay on the 6 th June. He was in the water and despite 8 boats in the area it took 40 mins to find him. He was DOA when they brought him to hospital. On the way back we were involved in some rough conditions.gusting 30 knots. The sea can not be a kind place sometimes. God knows how you coped on your little boat
I will continue to read your interesting blog and your articles on small boats. Best wishes Michael