Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pottering - Part 66

As expected, I arrived home late evening. The journey was uneventful, apart from a short stop at the Dartford Tunnels where police stopped the car in front.

'Sandpiper' looks relatively unscathed. A touch of varnish and paint will have her looking almost like new. There was hardly any marine growth on her underwater parts, due to the antifouling.

What next? Most likely I shall do one or two local cruises perhaps to the Blackwater - no long-distance road trailering. Altogether on my recent cruise, trailering amounted to 645 miles. That's a long way.

Rail travel was a little less than half the distance, and the nautical miles sailed I have yet to calculate.

My Pottering cruise has come to and end with many valuable lessons learned. The most valuable one for me was trusting in God. He surely looked after me, kept me safe, and provided me with all my needs.

I had the privilege of meeting many lovely people; several of whom helped when I wanted it. Thank you to all of you, and thank you to followers of my blog who have travelled along with me and given me encouragement.

Thank you.

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