Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pottering - Part 61

I'm having a relaxing day. After a leisurely start I had a gentle sail to St. Mawes and continued to St. Just-in-Roseland, where I anchored in a pretty bay.

As I finished lunch Mick drew alongside in his super Drascombe Dabber. He thought I might be John whom I met yesterday at Helford River. Mick and I had an interesting chat. He had been a follower of my old Small Sailboats website.

After he set sail for his Falmouth mooring, I paddled my canoe to the beach and walked to the parish church of St. Just-in-Roseland. 

The setting for this church, tucked away by St. Just Creek, is most beautiful. There, it is surrounded by gorgeous old trees and lush vegetation.

What makes the building so special is the obvious care that has been lavished upon it, and this same care continues today. I particularly like the stones etched with Bible texts that are set on both sides of the pathway leading to the church entrance.

Inside the building there are splendid stained glass windows depicting biblical characters and captions explaining their contexts.

The Christian Creed and the Lord's Prayer are set out in full on framed presentations either side of the Church. 

The most astonishing floral arrangements are also on display. Perhaps they were for a recent wedding.

As I write at 16.00 I have yet to find a comfortable anchorage for the night.

I feel the cruise is coming to an end, and I am winding down.


Paul Mullings said...

Do you aim to sail home or trail?

William Serjeant said...

The intention is to trail the boat home.