Monday, June 24, 2013

Pottering - Part 60

Last night was pretty rough. My intention was to move to Abraham's Bosom, a well protected spot at the opening of Porthnavas Creek, but the strong NW wind put paid to that by causing steep breaking waves, one if which lifted the bow and thrust the boat back into a trough, dunking the engine. The end result was that the engine stalled. Under those conditions I could not get it to restart. 

By sailing with a reefed jib I steered towards Durgan on the north shore of Helford River; there I picked up what I thought was a mooring; however, it was a marker for a mooring and it couldn't hold the boat. I dropped it and let go the anchor which did not hold on account of kelp. 

Fortunately 'Sandpiper' drifted alongside a sturdy Falmouth Pilot Cutter to which I rafted and stayed there for the night.

Apart from the shelter offered by Abraham's Bosom, my other reason for trying to get there was to meet John, a member of The Dinghy Cruising Association. He has a 'B' Type West Wight Potter.

This morning we met on the River. He anchored 'Firebird' and I brought 'Sandpiper' alongside. We had an hour's chat swapping yarns; then we sailed together into Falmouth Bay. He anchored at Maenporth and I continued to the anchorage at Falmouth.

I made full use of the excellent facilities before shopping for odds and ends, including pants and socks which were in short supply! I didn't bring enough.

I'm hoping for a peaceful night, unlike last time I was here.


Paul Mullings said...

You seem to be taking a bit of a battering Bill....... Will summer ever arrive up there?
Here' are some words of encouragement

"Cruising has two pleasures. One is to go out in wider waters from a sheltered place. The other is to go into a sheltered place from wider waters." Howard Bloomfield

William Serjeant said...

I like the quote. Despite the strong winds I am enjoying the cruise. The next few days should see better weather.