Monday, June 17, 2013

Pottering - Part 53

Things are improving; the clouds are getting higher; maybe blue patches will appear, and by tomorrow there will be bright sunshine. I live in hope.

To fill in a few hours I caught the bus to Paignton. At the harbour people wandered to the entrance, took a look at the grey scene, and retreated. There were no takers for fishing trips or tours of the Bay. The Pier was almost empty. Waves crashed on the beach.

By contrast, the pedestrian shopping precinct was crowded with shuffling holiday makers. Numerous fish and chip shops, gift shops and amusement arcades were doing a roaring trade. Even TESCO, LIDL and Iceland were doing well - but not much fun for the children, apart from eating ice creams and sweets.

Talking of contrasts, the simplicity of 'Sandpiper' by comparison with larger yachts at the Yacht Haven is marked, especially when considering electronic aids such as radars, alarms of various kinds, navigational aids and radio communications. Many of them are equipped with radar reflectors, solar and wind powered chargers. There are several with wind activated self-steering gears, and all the bigger yachts have complicated standing rigging, often with more than one set of spreaders and foresail furling. Some have life rafts.

Give me simplicity. There are benefits all round. With 'Sandpiper' I have less to worry about, less to maintain and less expense. Furthermore, I am independent, being able to sail the boat without the aid of other people.


In Irons said...

Hi Bill,
I had finally acquiesced on my indecision for a sailing craft and decided on a US based 15' Potter and of course delved into the Internet and discovered your wonderful Blog. Its truly a treasure for me!

I really appreciate your pictures and information, it ail help me immensely when we do get our boat. Right now we are helping some families at our church (they need our help more than I need the boat at this time)hopefully can look for the boat next year sometime.

I do have one question... perhaps you can endulge me on a delicate matter. Where and how do you handle the head? One of the criteria Mrs Irons has for the boat is the necessity of "facilities". I just don't see where a porta potti can fit well?

Thanks again for such wonderful travel blog and the scriptures are lovely as well.

God bless...

Florida USA

William Serjeant said...

In Irons, The US 15' version has more internal space than my 14' C Type. I use a bucket with some water in it. If there are people around, I take the bucket inside the cabin and place it on a berth after folding away the berth cushion. I then ditch the contents into the water. I have no problems with this, because nature looks after itself.

In Irons said...

Thanks Bill for the info, is the Uk 14' C Type a shoal draft keel or does it have centerboard? The 15' potters sold her look tight for potty placement. At one time in the 90's they were considering shoal draft model but it didn't appear to come to fruition

Best regards