Friday, June 21, 2013

Pottering - Part 57

Today has been one of the best. While anchored at St. Mawes I watched the start of the 3 Peaks Race. Two runners from each of the six boats had to do a short run, then row to their yacht before setting sail. No 3 had a clear start, and was well away before the others. The all girl crew on their catamaran, No 1, were the last to get away. I took note that my friend's son's trimaran did not start. I didn't see them at all.

After all the racers set off, I too made sail for the Helford River. The trip across Falmouth Bay was exceptionally fine. On the wind for most of the way, 'Sandpiper' regularly clocked over 4 knots. The sky was blue, and there were small cumulus clouds casting shadows on the water, which in turn brought momentary gusts and exhilarating fun as I played the sheet. 

The flood was still making into Helford River at 15.30, which made it easy for me to get into a tiny cove south of The Voose without the use of the outboard.

This little cove would provide protection from the expected SW Force 7. The forecast gives rain overnight and more rain tomorrow. Because of that prospect I beached the boat for more protection and for access to terra firma. 

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