Monday, September 20, 2010

Sailing Kayak Trimarans



There is a distinction between small sailing trimarans and kayak sailing trimarans. Small sailing trimarans are exclusively designed for sailing; whereas, kayak sailing trimarans are kayaks equipped with sailing rigs, including two floats for added stability. In this latter category I have come across two production boats that are well worth looking at; they are: the Triak and the Viroga.

I have assembled a number of links to websites extolling the virtues of both models. By examining the contents of the sites and related sites, you can come to your own conclusions as to the merits or demerits of the boats.

I like the portability of both trimarans. Each can be transported on a car roof rack and quickly assembled where they are to be launched.



Viroga Tri Video

Triak Sailing Kayak

Videos and Photos of Triak

Labor Day Triaking

2010 Triak Preview

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Blues II said...

A word of caution to those who sail kayaks with outriggers or amas. Check them to make sure they don't take water. My Triak's port side amas separated slightly on top and gradually filled with water while I was sailing on the Atlantic side of Big Pine Key, FL. At one point it dug into the water and the Triak capsized. I straightened it up once but it capsized again. The cockpit was full of water but to my amazement the stern had was also filled with water. Later, a close inspection of the hull showed that over time the integrity of the joint between the upper and lower part of the hull was compromised and allowed the parts to separate. In my case this nearly cost me my life.