Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Wing 15.5 Kayak Sailing Trimaran

Yesterday, I looked at two sailing kayak trimarans: the ‘Viroga’ and the ‘Triak’.

‘Little Wing’, the kayak I’m considering today, differs somewhat, because instead of having short stabilizers attached to her main hull from behind her cockpit, she has long outriggers joined to her hull by fore and aft athwart-ship supports. These outriggers have integral fins for creating lateral resistance; hence there is no need for a daggerboard within the main hull. She’s a very light boat, weighing only 68 lbs when fully rigged, capable of taking a solo crew of 125-300 lbs. This does not come cheap, at $7985, but all these types of high-tech craft are constructed from expensive materials, and the plant needed to produce them is costly.


Length 15' 6"

Width Overall 10' 5"

Sail Area 82 sq. ft.


Warren Lightcraft (Manufacter)


YouTube Video


Sail Demo


Cruising World Video Review


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