Saturday, August 07, 2010

Selling ‘Ladybird’

'Aziz', a Pioneer 9
'Lady Asquelon', a Buccaneer
Hunter Europa 19, 'Zeta'
'Ladybird' now

Well, my first listing of ‘Ladybird’ in the Buy it Now section of Ebay has come to a close without a buyer, but I have received an offer from someone who would like to have her. While I am considering the offer for the next seven days, I’ve re-listed the yacht at Ebay with an additional option for potential buyers to make their offers. If you are at all interested, key in this number (80885191921) into the search box at .

As I have put quite a bit of work into making the boat better than when I bought her, I would like to get back my money on things like the solar charger and the new depth sounder that I have installed. Also I have equipped the yacht with a new engine which cost me more than the money I had for the old one when it was sold. I think I’ll have to be resigned to the fact that I may not recoup the money expended on the boat to improve her. I certainly will not recover the running costs for last season and this, but I have had the enjoyment of improving the Seawych and of using her.

You see advertisements where the seller states that he wants his boat to go to a good home. I can sympathise with that, because some of the yachts I have sold have been allowed to become total wrecks! ‘Aziz’, my Van de Stadt Pioneer 9, lies in a sorry state at Calstock, and my old Hunter Europa 19 is in an even worse condition at a boatyard on Canvey Island. ‘Lady Asquelon’, my beautiful Buccaneer, was allowed to deteriorate badly before she was restored by a dedicated enthusiast who rebuilt her deck and cabin trunk.

I would not like a similar fate to happen to ‘Ladybird’, a boat to which I have become attached, but must dispose of, so that I can start my next project. I hope this classic gem will be loved by her new owner, who will give her the tender care she deserves because of her faithfulness to past owners who have looked after her. Because of her endurance over the years, she has proven herself to be a good boat, and she could have many fruitful years to come when she’ll have more great adventures.

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