Friday, August 20, 2010


The Yacht 'Callidus'


Richard aboard his lovely yacht

It has been my privilege to have known Richard Wells as a friend for the last 25 years. We first became acquainted when he purchased my junk rigged yacht ‘Zeta’ in 1984. Ever since, we have kept in touch, and on many occasions we have sailed together on each other’s yachts, more so his, than mine.

Richard runs RYA courses aboard his beautiful classic yacht ‘Callidus’. This fine wooden vessel is based at Tichmarsh Marina. While there recently, I took a few photos of this ‘creature of the sea’, in all her splendour. She really is a feast for the eyes to those who love classic yachts - she’s an iconic embodiment of what is truly classical, with a pedigree going back to an era when gentlemen of means owned these works of art fashioned by master craftsmen. Even now, skilled shipwrights are required for maintaining such heritage vessels. What better way is there of keeping them alive than by using them for the purpose of passing on the skills and knowledge of sound seamanship?

Incidentally, ‘callidus’ is a word no longer in common usage, but in times past the adjective was applied to people who were clever, dextrous, or skilful, and such qualities were required of the craftsmen who built the enduring ‘Callidus’.


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