Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Cruise Photos

Crew cleaning their anchor
CYE dinghies

During my recent cruise aboard ‘Ladybird’, my Seawych 19 sailing sloop, I took numerous photographs to make a visual record of things that interested me. Each day I uploaded two or three of them to illustrate the day’s events and to add a bit of graphic interest. In the next few days I shall choose some of the photos not previously featured in my Blog so that you can enjoy them.

Today, I am starting with two pictures of dinghies owned by the Christian Youth Enterprises Centre, based aboard their ex minesweeper, ‘The Gerald Daniel’, which is moored at Cobnor, Chichester Harbour. From information gleaned at their website (address below), it seems they do a wonderful job of giving many young people opportunities for trying their hand at sailing, canoeing, kayaking, powerboating, climbing, and raft building, besides sampling archery, having a go at an assault course and sampling supervised problem solving situations.

At the time of taking the photos, ‘Ladybird’ was anchored at East Head, on a lovely sunny day. I was impressed with the way the instructors monitored the youngsters, clearly with a schedule for the day’s activity. The trainees had to anchor their dinghies before they were taken ashore in support craft, where they had lunch and were engaged in organized games on the sandy beach. Afterwards, each crew had to retrieve their anchors, before returning to Cobnor. One of the photos shows a crew removing weed from their anchor; the other photo is of three of the dinghies as they gill around waiting for the others, before setting off on the return trip.

Website: http://www.cye.org.uk/

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