Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Enchanting, Seductive ‘Minnow’

The weather was ideal for working on ‘Minnow’ today, but I was called to paint the interior of a storage cupboard in the kitchen, and line its shelves with Fablon. Having done the job, I must admit the cupboard is better for it, and my wife is happy, and because she’s happy, I’m happy!

There’s always another day for continuing the renovation of ‘Minnow’ who lounges in the garage and sings like a siren whenever I open the door. Lying on her iron chaise longue she doesn’t have the appearance or beauty of a siren, but she has the cunning of a femme fatale who charms me with her irresistible call.

Her latest accoutrement is her curvaceous, almost flamboyant yuloh, with a blade painted in seductive orange and a golden, varnished shaft. This eye-catching, mystical object excites my imagination and rekindles my passion for water babies such as her.

I have been seduced, and the enchanting waves of the Channel beckon us both to join them in a tango of delight.




Femme Fatale

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