Monday, January 27, 2014

‘Minnow’s’ Stowage Rails

Matt Layden’s Paradox building plans show two curved brass pipe stowage rails - one either side of the boat. They are strategically placed on the side decks for stowing the yuloh to starboard, and the furled sail with the boom and yard to port.

‘Minnow’ came without rails. Instead of making the standard ones, I adapted an alloy shelf bracket for stowing the yuloh, and I’m in the process of fitting a short stainless steel stanchion to port for securing the rig. If I’m on a canal or a river where I am unable to sail, I shall be able to bundle the whole rig on the port side. I’ve checked that the engine will not be in the way, and that I shall be able to lower and raise it when required.

There is an advantage to stowing the whole rig inclusive of the mast on the port side deck, because setting it up is faster and easier than if the mast is stowed separately within the boat. Matt thought it would be a good idea to stow the mast in the boat when trailering. This could be done by inserting it through the aft vent port, but the task was by no means easy, and the mast was in the way if you wanted to sleep in the boat when on the trailer.

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