Friday, January 10, 2014

Recycling ‘Minnow’

Christmas is over; the New Year has begun. Father Christmas brought an influx of items, all of which require space for storage. Of necessity, I’ve had to dispose of old, unused and redundant articles to make room for the latest arrivals. Yet more space has to be found.

Therefore the annual clearout has commenced. Things of value, but unwanted, I sorted into plastic bags and took them to a local charity shop – Fairhavens Hospices. Then I ceremonially conveyed a very old, defunct vacuum cleaner on the back seat of my car to a nearby Council Recycling Centre.  It was like saying farewell to a trusted friend who had passed away. My battered and dirty car was the hearse, and the Recycling Centre was the crematorium.

 Back at home, I disposed of smaller items with little ceremony. I stamped and crushed them into the recyclables bin.

The clearout has enabled me to gain access to ‘Minnow’s’ boathouse where she was hidden under a pile of rubbish.

All the get-up-and-go and the fine weather inspired me to spend a short time reshaping and varnishing ‘Minnow’s’ compass mount.  ‘Minnow’ is being recycled.  Bit by bit, she is being transformed into a desirable object for the pleasure of her new owner.

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